The Gathered App.

Keep track of contacts and connects you make at your meetups with Gathered.

What can the gathered app do?

  • Keep up to date with your meetup groups and events.

    Built on the meetup API, Gathered taps into the powerful community of meetup groups a user belongs to and presenting it a simple "informational" manner.

  • Check into events and see everyone around

    With Gathered, you can check into an ongoing event, view other people present at the event and add them to your connects.

  • Make new connects, share and grow your network.

    With Gathered you can always go back to connections made, at different events or perhaps connect with a particular skill. Share connects and even recommend to others.

The Gathered App

Gathered is a work in progress to ensure making the most out of meet ups and people met at these events. Gathered is open source and contributions are welcome!